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* "Beginner maths" (8th - 10th grade tutoring ex: algebra, geometry, trig.)

* Intermediate level math (11th grade - college freshman math help ex: AP test, standardized test prep., entrance exam prep., trig., calculus)

* Advanced math (University level math ex: differential equation etc)

Blackboard inscribed with scientific formulas and calculations in physics, mathematics and electrical circuits. Science and education background.


* "Beginner physics" (8th - 10th grade tutoring ex: Force concepts, speed.)

* Intermediate level Physics (11th grade - college freshman math help ex:
Newton law, gravity, AP test, general physics, calculus physics)

* Advanced Physics (MCAT prep, University level physics ex: Electric potential, electric field, Gauss etc)



* Coding with Python (All levels)

* Coding with C++ (All levels)

* Coding with Swift and App creation process (All levels)

* React-Native apps

Sample Lesson


Vertical knowledge.

After working in education at various levels and corporate, Dr. C Beynis founded chrisprepteaching. It was done with the desire to help clients on all the steps of their evolution focusing on key knowledge and “know-how”, preparing them to the next stage of cursus or their life.


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